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Collider Health is a health innovation engine connecting people and organisations in imaginative ways to think and act differently. We catalyse ideas and inspire action, working with businesses of all shapes and sizes who are looking for fresh thinking to change entrenched attitudes.   We are ecosystem architects and build collaborative networks to help corporates, start-ups, third sector and investors form strategic partnerships and facilitate smart investment- for long term, sustainable impact.   Through corporate-start up partnerships,  social impact ventures and business innovation ecosystems, we help high growth, high social impact businesses to succeed and support established enterprises at risk of being disrupted.  

Colliding forces are changing the future of health exponentially, with technology and the growing ageing demographic in particular driving mega trends. Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence will change how we work and create.  Citizens are taking more responsibility for their health and the baby boomers will disrupt the status quo with their power.  Health and wealth are inexorably linked to the notion of a better life.   The combustion of technology  and awakening of emerging markets will lead to innovation leapfrogging the 'developed' world.  

The pace of innovation needs to keep up with today's relentless quest for better health solutions at lower cost. Companies need to be more agile and evolve business models to avoid being left behind or becoming extinct. Innovators across the spectrum of wellcare and sickcare, in large and small organisations, need support to connect ideas with money and collaborate better together

Collider Health is led by Tina Woods, who has worked in health education and communications for over 20 years and is a leader in the growing army of people who recognise big changes can come from very small places.

We are small but we create, we act, and we change.  We make things happen.  






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Drawing on big agency experience, the latest technology, and a network of passionate professionals, we combine a ruthless pursuit of excellence with a grassroots,  no-nonsense approach to get the job done in a highly agile and cost-effective manner. We have experience working with pharma, biotech, private health and insurance, professional services, healthcare SMEs, charities and start-ups.  We are specialists in the fast moving area of health technology, and have established relationships with leading incubators, accelerators, digital health evangelists, innovators and tech corporates.  We understand how developments in other industry sectors, such as financial services, insurance and education,  are driving the changes we are seeing in health,  particularly in relation to consumer choice and attitudes.

Our work spans the following:

  • Strategic business development, new ventures, investor pitches, business planning
  • Strategic, sustainable ecosystem development,  including corporate/startup partnerships, community development
  • Corporate innovation strategy and implementation
  • Pharma innovation, change and patient centric solutions
  • Patient & health consumer research and insights gathering
  • Strategic conference curation and planning, networking events, innovation workshops, advisory boards, round tables, expert forums
  • Thought leadership development, secretariat and stakeholder management 
  • Health comms agency new business, pitch and presentation development, brainstorming, inspiration, team building and innovation


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