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Tina is passionate about innovation in health and science, and tapping into the talents and creativity in people to drive change.  She has a degree in genetics from Cornell University in the USA and an MBA from Cass University in London.

Tina has an entrepreneurial background with both big and small agency experience, equipping her with the right skills and mindset to create things from scratch with nothing but a big idea  right through to working with global blue chip organisations with big budgets and opportunities - and the complexities this brings.

Tina has unrivalled connections in health innovation and can tap into a large global network of skilled specialists and experts to create highly bespoke, committed and dedicated teams to meet the project's needs- whether they be health innovators, medical experts, digital geeks, creative thinkers, marketing gurus, experienced UX designers.....the list goes on.

At Collider Health, Tina leads the Future Health Collective, a multi-disciplinary, cross-industry group geared to foster collaboration and radical innovation in areas of unmet need in health and social care.  Tina is an ecosystem architect and builds collaborative networks to help corporates, start-ups, third sector and investors form strategic partnerships and facilitate smart investment- for long term, sustainable impact.  She has established relationships with leading incubators, accelerators, investors, digital health start-ups, clinical innovators and tech corporates.  

Before setting up Collider Health Tina was Head of new start-up Lansons Health and before that, was Deputy MD (Medical Education) and Global Client Leader for Ogilvy Healthworld, leading teams and developing business for major global pharmaceutical accounts (+£1 million).  She has been involved in a number of transformational change projects for pharma to help them become more patient centric. 

She started out in the industry as a medical film scriptwriter for an award- winning medical audio-visual company, went on to set up their US subsidiary single-handedly, and was then co-owner/director of a UK independent boutique medical communications agency for 12 years before joining Ogilvy. 

Alongside her commercial work, Tina runs a social enterprise on science innovation, ColliderSCIENCE, working with leading scientists, innovators and designers to equip young people with the skills and confidence to become inventors and change agents in science and medicine. She sits on the Gender Equality, Diversity and Education Committee of Imperial College Department of Computing, and is involved in Imperial's national 'Women in Computer Science' initiative to encourage more teen girls to study maths and take up careers in computer and data sciences at a time when the UK aspires to be a global leader in artificial intelligence and other critical technologies.

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Jasmine has a range of experience in writing, film, PR, app and web design, and digital marketing. She  spent a year as Head of Digital Media at Cryosthetics as well as an internship at Futurice producing videos, writing blogs and articles, arranging meet ups, conducting research, and writing web content whilst studying Digital Media and Communications at Westminster University.

She spent her gap year travelling through India filming a charity documentary and spent time in San Francisco working as an intern for Hub Strategy, a renowned advertising agency. She completed her thesis on Artificial Intelligence and Journalism, attempting to address the powerful implications that this will have for both journalists and greater society.

I have worked with Tina in the past few years in the healthcare innovation domain. Tina has established herself as a key player, solution-oriented individual, and leader in the field. On too many occasions to count she exemplifies the nimble, agile, creative characteristics that organisations and businesses find key to successfully navigating the fast paced commercial business environments. I have always admired Tina’s diverse range of skills which include insight, problem identification, team-working, forging effective collaborations, and creative problem solving. Tina is an unrelenting advocate for personhood in the health care innovation sector and this in my estimation makes her an incredible ally and exceptional driver of change.
— Jackie Marshall-Cyrus, Ageing and Independent Living Innovation Specialist